Termite Inspection in Long Island Homes

Though the generic name is "Termite Inspection" it is really a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDI).  We perform a free Federal Housing Administration (FHA) WDI inspection with each home inspection.  This WDI (or termite) inspection report is accepted by the FHA and all mortgage banks operating in Long Island. 


Wood Destroying Inspects (WDI)

The dominate types of wood destroying insects we have found in Long Island include:

  1. Termites
  2. Carpenter Ants
  3.  Powder Post Beetles

Wood destroying insects can cause serious structural problems in Long Island homes and can go undetected for a long period of time (especially if the house is built on a slab). 



Termites cause the most structural damage (than any other insect) to wood in Long Island. Unless you are inspecting for termites, their presence is hard to notice.  Be proactive and try to prevent infestations because if they occur it will require expensive service termite treatment. 


Signs of Termite Infestation

In most cases, the first sign of infestation is the presence of swarming winged termites near interior windows during the spring months.   A swarmer termite looks like a black ant with wings.  If a swarm of termites are found inside the house, you can assume the house is infested.

Another sign of termite infestation are termite tubes on the wood framing, foundation walls, etc. 

   Termite tubes found in Long Island   



We always recommend that a Long Island Home be covered by a termite contract from a professional pest exterminating company.  However if you choose not to have a contract, and with proper precautions, most termite problems can be prevented.

It is important to not give termites a path to the house wood framing such as:

  • Never allow the exterior siding of the house (or garage, shed etc.) to make ground contact.  This condition would be ideal for hidden termite infestation.  Always leave at least six inches of the foundation wall exposed so termite tubes will be visible on the foundation walls leading from the ground to behind the siding.

  Siding foundation wall clearance

  • When having a wood fence installed, make sure the fence sections are not making ground contact.  Use pressure treated wood for fence posts.
  • Once a year inspection the visible sill plates in the basement, crawlspaces, garage, sheds,etc.  Buy a long screwdriver as to poke at the wood.   Termites usually eat the interior of the wood leaving the exterior untouched.  So probing is important.
  • Remove wood scraps or stumps from around foundations
  • Install a termite baiting system around your house.  These kits can be bought at Home Depot.

Please keep in mind,  if selling a house and evidence of termite infestation is found by the home inspector (termite tubes, termite damage, termites, etc),  the seller will be liable for having the property professionally treated.  This can be expensive.  However if you have an existing termite contract, you only need to call your exterminating company for a clean termite certificate.   



FHA Termite Inspection Form - Termite Certificate - WDI form - NPMA 33


Click here to see the official WDI NPMA-33 form.