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Tim ‎ - Sep 26, 2011

Al was great and we really appreciate his in depth expertise. We used Al Triolo for two home inspections and each time we were more than pleased. Al's home inspection is thorough and detailed and he is not afraid to "tell it like it is" - both the good and the bad, as well as answer any questions we had so we are fully informed home buyers. We felt very comfortable relying on the information contained in his report (which was sent to us in less than 24 hours) to ensure that we made the right decision for a large purchase. We highly recommend Al Triolo for home inspections and know that we were in good hands during both times that we used him.

Jack ‎ - Sep 19, 2011

Alfred Triolo was highly recommended to me by a friend. Al was inspectacular in the house he inspected for me!!! I was able to negotiate $5000 more off the price of the house after his report. This Engineer is passionate about his job and extremely thorough. He snaked himself into a crawlspace that I would not allow my cat to go in and came out with pictures of mold and termite damages that seller had no idea existed. The seller even said "where were you when I bought this house". If you're looking for a PE that is looking out for your best interest call 1-800-Engineer and ask for Alfred Triolo.

david ‎ - Sep 17, 2011

Al was AWESOME!! He was able to show us the things we would never have dreamed to look for in a home inspection. I have used him several times as a few deals fell through. He would always make himself available even if it meant moving appts around. He was always on time as well. Alot of inspectors out there are cutting corners giving a half hearted effort.. He spent a long time going through every inch of the house, and at the end of the day saved us a few bucks. I would HIGHLY recommend him.
Rdema1 ‎ - Sep 13, 2011
Al Triolo was a very efficient engineer and house inspector. He was very thorough and saw many items that were not visible to the average home buyer. He not only found areas of repair or need, but he also explained each area in detail. He was patient and very happy while explaining information to me. He mentioned all estimated costs on repairs and told me how long he estimated certain items would last. He even gave me a termite inspection that was included in the price. I would highly recommend Al to anybody who is buying a home. I know for sure you won't be disappointed. His service is top-notch and really delivers!
EMchbons ‎ - Sep 9, 2011
 Al was definitely a true professional and is aboslutely what you need to have when considering the biggest purchase of your life. He examined the home thoroughly and saved us from purchasing what could of turned into a nightmare. The Realtors hated it which means he is doing his job. He was on time professional, courteous and his integrity was apparent. The fact that he doesn't work off of referalls from RE agents is a huge plus and should be the standard for the industry, unfortunately most times it is not. He came recommended from a colleague and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else. If your going to pay the astronimical home prices on LI make sure you are relying on a truly independent PE that has no stake in the purchase except to do his job right.
christopher ‎ - Sep 7, 2011
 Al Triolo is what a true home inspector should be. He came recommended from a family member and I was 100% satisfied with the inspection he did for us. I wound up not purchasing the house he inspected because of all the problems Al uncovered. I myself work in a safety sensitive job and could really appreciate the way he went over everything with attention to detail. Al saved me, and my family from a certain financial nightmare. From the front door, to the back and everything underneath, on top and in between- I would absolutely recommend Al to inspect your home.
Regric ‎ - Sep 2, 2011
 Alfred Triolo I needed a home inspection in a pinch. Al Triolo came highly recommended to me and I wasn't disappointed. He was on time, very professional and thorough, moving from room to room, inspecting from floor to ceiling and everything in between while I followed him. From the crawl space which he disappeared into, all floors and walls, and windows of the house up and through the attic. He cheeked all the plumbing, drains, sprinklers electrical outlets, he even verified the age of the appliances and their working condition. He picked up on very subtle imperfections that could indicate bigger issues and gave me good advice on what to do which wasn't even part of the inspection. Within 24 hours he had a hard copy report including pictures. I highly recommend Alfred Triolo for your home inspection.