Why Use Us


Why choose us for your home inspection


•    Your Inspection will be conducted by a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with over 3 decades of engineering experience.

 Your report•   Our narrative report with photos is easy to understand and contains all the information required to make an informed decision.  

•    Our report provides Repair Cost Estimates for current defects and anticipated repairs.

•    Our report includes the Life Expectancy for each major system contained in the inspected home.

•    A free termite certificate (FHA/VA) with each Home Inspection. 

•    Your report will be emailed within 24 hours after the completion of the inspection.  Usually it is emailed by the end of the day.

•    Our inspection fees start at $295 (includes termite certificate).

•    Also, if during the inspection you believe that the problem uncovered warrant you not to buy the house, we will end the inspection at that time and give you $100 off the price of the inspection.  In this event there will be no written report. 

•    As an additional saving, our report is a powerful negotiating tool.  It is prepared to help give our customers maximum leverage to renegotiate their purchase agreement.

•    Our loyalty is exclusive to you (our clients) and we will treat you like family.  Our goal is for you to become a source of future referrals and we trust you will after experiencing our nit-picking inspections and straight shooting reporting.  

•    We are completely independent of all real estate agents and do not canvas any realtor for referrals.   In some states it is a violation for a real estate agent (or home salesperson) to directly refer a home inspector to a prospective home buying customer because it is a conflict-of-interest.  Agents mostly recommend inspectors who will not hurt the sale or their commission.   More information on this subject can be found on our FAQ page. 



Serving Nassau, Suffolk & Queens Counties




It MAKES SENSE to get an independent evaluation of your potential house purchase.  Don't be steered into choosing an inspector from a RE Agents "hand picked" list.  There is a reason why realtors choose certain home inspectors.   Remember a Real Estate Agent's ultimate goal is to sell a house.  No sale, no commission 

Long Island Home Inspection by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.)