Buried Oil Tanks in Long Island


Long Island Buried Oil Tanks



Many properties on Long Island have buried oil tanks. Installation of underground metal oil tanks in Long Island construction was common up to several decades ago.  After years of being buried, metal oil tanks can deteriorate and develop leaks.  Leaking oil tanks are an environmental hazard.  (The newer buried oil tanks are made of fiberglass and less likely to deteriorate and leak.)

When a leak to a buried oil tank is detected, by law the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) must be informed.  This will begin the very expensive process of removing the buried oil tank and all contaminated soil, all at the property owner's expense.  Please note, because of the liability associated with buried oil tanks, several home insurance companies will not insure a property that has a buried oil tank.

When purchasing a home in Long Island, that contains an active underground metal tank, the tank should be tested for leakage prior to the contract.  After purchase, the tank can be abandon in-place where sand or foam is used to fill the tank after it has been emptied of all oil.

If you are buying a home that has an abandon buried oil tank.  Make sure the seller has the paperwork that proves the tank was abandon to municipal regulations.


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